Emerald is an open source project by ETCDEV to build tools that help developers and engineers build decentralized systems on Ethereum Classic.
Emerald is part of ETCDEV's numerous projects.

Overview of Emerald Tools

Emerald Wallet

The Emerald Wallet is an ETC desktop wallet allowing users to manage ETC, Tokens, and Accounts.



  • Generate new ETC account

  • Import ETC account via keystore, private key, and ledger nano-s

  • Backup ETC account via keystore, private key, and paper wallet

  • Create and sign transactions


  • Import token by address


  • Select network nodes (test-net/ main-net)

  • Select full node or light node

Emerald Explorer

The Emerald Explorer is a light weight block explorer that can toggle between network nodes without having to download & sync an entire new chain.

Emerald JS/ RS

Emerald JS is a Javascript JSON/RPC API for compatible with ETC and ETH. The API is available in Rust also.

Emerald JS UI

Emerald JS UI is a highly modular and customizable library of already built UI components

Emerald Vault

Emerald Vault is an ETC account storage API that stores accounts, keys, and works offline.

Emerald CLI

The Swiss Army Knife of the Emerald SDK, encapsulating all the best Emerald tools with smart contract testing and deployment capabilities.